How it all began – About InteriorSense

My name is Yvonne Burgess and I’d like to tell you how and why I created InteriorSense. I grew up on a farm in Cornwall loving the open green spaces, the rugged coastline and the constant rhythm of the sea. After a year at Falmouth School of Art and a 3 year Degree in Interior Design at Birmingham City University I was ready to make my mark on the world and determined to persuade someone to employ me.

Interior Design in the Middle East

Moving to Dubai had never crossed my mind but an opportunity came out of the blue to work for a small but well established architectural practise. At 21, with a carefree attitude and dying to use my talent, it was the most exciting experience imaginable; to live and work in an environment that looked and felt so entirely different to anything I’d known. Having to put knowledge and learning in to real life practice under such unfamiliar conditions was certainly formative. Coping with communication problems and getting used to a different climate posed difficulties at times. But the biggest challenge of designing for diverse and contrasting cultural sensitivities exercised my creative muscle to the hilt.

That was the start of more than 30 years working in Interior Design in the Middle East, Europe and South East Asia. I’ve been lucky enough to work on an enormous variety of projects with some truly wonderful professionals; people happy in their own skin and generous with sharing their experience. Very few projects have been easy but all have taught me something and that accumulation of experience and knowledge fuels my passion for the design of the environments we surround ourselves with.

Independent Interior Design For Your Business

Cornwall is a very special place and to anyone born here the pull to return is undeniable. At one time it would have been considered too remote for any design focussed consultancy but with improvements in infrastructure and communications, establishing a business here seemed a very natural step. My belief that considered design is essential for all projects irrespective of budget – to ensure cost effectiveness, combined with meaningful creativity leads to the best end result – is at the heart of InteriorSense. If this approach connects with you please contact me to explore what can be achieved.

An area that I’m particularly interested in is hospitality, whether it’s a boutique hotel, a bistro, a café or a restaurant. We derive so much pleasure out of a convivial drink with friends, eating carefully prepared delicious food in a conducive atmosphere or having that much needed break in a special setting… being involved in creating those experiences is what I love. It’s that almost addictive magic that happens at the outset of shaping a unique new concept: the in depth conversations that establish the starting point, a blank sheet that gradually fills with sketches, images, textures and colours and the detail that develops to turn it in to a buildable three dimensional space. I still love this journey.

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