Family Holiday Park Interiors – Commercial Design

A long established and well-loved family focused holiday park was upgraded throughout including a new building to house a reception, bar, lounge and restaurant. The location is stunning, on a grassy, gently sloping hilltop overlooking a beautiful coastline. Distilling the essence of these surroundings in the design was a key aspect of the Client’s brief. Function and operational needs were the starting point for interior space planning but this evolved further to reflect the orientation and shape of the architecture; a circular space with extensive glazing to capture the view. A feature bar acts as the focal point of the restaurant and lounge, with its enveloping stone backdrop and mural of the local area. Booth seats separate the restaurant from the bar and provide two-level seating to make sure everyone can see the view. The finishes and textures are evocative of the coastline and beach – sand, pebbles, rugged stone, driftwood, weathered boats and ropes – and the splashes of blue, turquoise, green and red recall the changing colours of the dynamic population that live, work and enjoy this lovely region.

A Symms Revill project in collaboration with Yvonne Burgess from Interior Sense.